Life is Sacred (Trailer/Preview)

"Life is Sacred" is the story of a fearless politician and his unique political career, philosophy - and life. Together with an army of young people all hoping for change, he uses pencils and balloons, flashmobs and mimes to fundamentally change a society, which is ravaged by corruption and violence. A young woman falls in love with his project - but she realizes, that the road to true change in a society as corrupt as the Colombian is harder than she had ever imagined.
The film is cinematic portrait of a man to whom victory arrived in an unexpected way. The director Andreas Dalsgaard has stubbornly and over the course of five years followed the Colombian philosopher/politician Antanas Mockus along with the leader of his youth campaign, the idealist Katherin Miranda. The result is a story, which we couldn´t possibly have believed, had it been fiction...

Duration: 104 min
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Year: 2014

Directed by: Andreas Dalsgaard
Produced by Final Cut for Real