The Worlds Finest Chef (Trailer/Preview)

For eight years, Master Chef Rasmus Kofoed has been obsessed with a dream - a dream of winning the Bocuse D´OR, the individual world championship for chefs in fine gourmet cooking. The film follows the 36-year-old chef, who is as much an artist as a cook, during the six months leading up to the championship and tells the story of an occupation that seems more like an elite sport than anything else. It provides a rare glimpse into Rasmus´ world and the time, passion and belief in oneself necessary to achieve the excellence to become the world´s best Master Chef.

Rasmus is competing for the third time - going this time for gold in the prestigious championship. In 2005 he won a bronze medal and in 2007, a silver medal. Taking off two years to prepare for the competition and spending a large amount of money, time and hard work, Rasmus has one final attempt to prove himself